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Analog Timers


Electronic Analog Timers are designed with lntegrated Chip on single PCB, for trouble free performance and easy maintainance. Analog Timers are Compact in size and Economical compared to other indigenious synchronous motor based timers.


Bag Filter Timers


AG Bag Filter Timers are designed to match modern, technologically advanced and sophisticated air pollution control equipments of all makes. Besides, it is constructed so as to withstand rough handling and hostile site conditions.


Digital Timers


Electronic DigitalTimers are the latest in line of up-dated instruments, designed to match modern sophisticated time control equipments. Digitattimers are ideally suited for applications where highest degree of accuracy in time setting is a must. lt's quartz crystaltime based circuit gua.rantee 0.01% accuracy for precision operations.


Motorised Timers


AG MOTORISED TIMERS are designed exclusively for accurate process and sequence control in industry. These can be suitably utilised in starting and regulating, automatic and remote control time delay circuits. These timers guarantee more accurate operations in comparison with other types of timers in use today. ln addition, they are designed for consistent accuracy in quick recurring operations. AG MOTORISED TIMERS are steplessly adjustable, 'ON' Delay timers & can be Flush or Projection mounted.


Multiple Cam Timers


AG has timers for almost any application in industry. Cam Timers are specially designed for repeat cycle, continuous duty processes as for a water treatment plant, air treatment plant, silo filling system or lubrication system. AG Cam Timers guarantee the utmost accuracy and reliability. and are ideal for sequence controls.