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Research and development

Inductive Proximity Switches are Non-contact type, Solid state devices used to identify the presence of metal objects, speed measurements, position sensing, counting etc.




Capacitive Proximity Switches are non-contact type sensors, which can detect allmost all metalic and non-metallic objects. These switches can be used to sense presence of wood,paper,plastic,glass,metal,water,oil or any other liquids.


Photo Electric


A photoelectric detector system comprises basically a light beam transmitter working in conjuction with a receiver,sensitive to the transmitted light.The object is detected by its effect of breaking or changing the intensity of the light beam.The light source used in the system is generated by a infra-red light emitting diode(IR-LED) in the transmitter,and is modulated at a particular frequency.This feature and the fact that the light infra-red makes the system virtually immune to the ambient light interference and ensures long service life.